Love Light Meditation

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Feel your body sinking into the floor.  Breathing in and breathing out.  All muscles and joints soften and release.  Simply breathing.

I invite you to imagine a beautiful light at your heart center.  Notice it’s shape and color.  Notice it’s vibration, if it has a sound.

This light is uniquely you and uniquely yours.  It is your passion.  Your kindness.  Your love.  It is you at your highest and purest self.  Honor it.

Notice as the light begins to pulsate and grow.  Reaching every cell in your body.  Expanding through your chest, bringing light and love and healing to everything it touches.

The light grows down through your belly, and down your back.  Healing everything in its path.  Down to your hips and pelvis.  Up to your shoulders.  Out to your arms and fingertips.

The light continues to pulsate and grow.  Reaching down through your legs, your feet and your toes.  Up through your neck and head, over and around your ears, your face, the back of your head and up through the crown of your head.

Every part of your body is now filled with this light.  Every muscle, every cell.  It brings you peace, healing and love.  And indeed this light cannot be contained.

It expands and grows beyond your body, illuminating the room and touching every person in it.  Sending and sharing your love with them.  Receiving love in return.

The light continues to grow and expand, reaching every corner of the building and simply bursts right out the doors to reach our community.  Imagine this light reaching those you love and those you struggle with, gifting them with your peace, your compassion, your love.

The light only grows brighter and larger with each person it reaches, growing to reach the farthest corners of the world.  Reaching everyone you love, both near and far.  Everyone you struggle with, near and far.  Your light, your love, touches everyone in pain and suffering.  Sending them love and healing.

Simply allow yourself to let go here, surrender to this light, bask in this light, trusting that it will travel wherever it is most needed.

(Allow a few minutes for silence)

Slowly and gently bring yourself back to this room.  Remembering that this light stays with you and is a part of you wherever you go.  You can access this light anytime you need it.

Gently begin to wiggle your fingers and toes.  Deepening your breath as you stretch your arms overhead.  When you are ready, gently roll over onto the side of your body.  From here, gently push yourself up into a seated position.


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