Tips and Practices For Poor Air Quality

Right now, the air quality in the Bay Area is terrible.  If you are experiencing respiratory distress, please contact your health care provider.  If you’re like me, a few of these small changes and practices can make a world of difference.

At home:

  • Increase the moisture in your home using humidifiers
  • Take a steam bath or steam shower
  • Use a saline nasal spray to moisturize the sinuses and nasal passages


  • Breath in and out your nose.  This is the body’s best filtering system.  Even when you smell smoke in the air, you might think that breathing through the mouth is a better option.  The cilia in your nose help to filter the air.  When you breath through the mouth, you bypass this system.  Breathing through the nose helps heat and moisturize the air for your body.
  • Break up the gunk in your lungs.  See video below.
  • After the gunk is loosened in your lungs, try to expel it using Lion’s Breath and coughing.

I hope these things are helpful to you.  I’m sending all my love and prayers to those suffering from the fires in California.  Stay safe and stay healthy.


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